Congregations United for Compassion and Empowerment (CUCE) is a non-profit charity with focus on the homeless and those in economic need in the Prince George’s County area. 

CUCE’s key programs:

  • Sponsorship of  the PG Plaza Day Center for the homeless, low-income and those in economic need.  Located in the Rt 1/Hyattsville corridor of PG Country, the Day Center provides safety and security in a welcoming environment. 
  • Offering of suggested resources for housing, food and other social services available in PG County.
  • Opportunities for volunteer  involvement in your local community.

Share in this community of those helping the homeless and vulnerable in our area. 

Contact us at: daycentercuce@gmail.com

Location: Hyattsville, MD, 6800 Adelphi Road, co-located with the PG Plaza Day Center, hosted at the University Christian Church.  The Day Center is open from 1 – 6 pm each Tuesday and Thursday.  Food, laundry and shower facilities, mental health support, counseling and other support services provided.


Every Tuesday – SMART Recovery, PG Plaza Day Center, 2-3 pm

February 14 – Faces of Homelessness – Video showing between 1 and 4 pm

March 12 – CUCE Board Meeting, University Baptist Church, 10am

SMART Recovery

Addiction recovery, a self-help discussion group, is provided every Tuesday from 3-4 pm at the PG Plaza Day Center (6800 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville).  The program – Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) – is open to all with no pre-registration required.  The program offers a mutual self-help approach for group discussion of addiction and recovery.  The format is free-flowing, starting with introductions of participants and what each would like to say about how their week went.  The intent is to lead to discussion, show mutual respect, and share addiction struggles and strategies for recovery.  The group is facilitated each week by Donny Phillips and Jamie Brill, from Community Crisis Services (http://www.communitycrisis.org/).