In 1995, a group of pastors decided to find a way to better serve persons in need in their communities.

The group prayerfully determined that they could be far more effective working together than separately, so they pooled their resources and hired an executive director to work directly with people in crisis on the churches’ behalf.

Congregations United for Compassion and Empowerment (CUCE) was born. Today, around 20 congregations and organizations are part of this ministry.

Our congregations are often on the front line for people who are searching for someone to listen, to care to help. CUCE is an ecumenical ministry able to do more than any single congregation or service club in reaching out to hurting people, but the need is great.

 Congregations United for Compassion and Empowerment (CUCE) is an organization of churches along the Route 1 corridor in Prince Georges County that work together to connect those in need with reliable resources in participating churches and other agencies.

How can I help?

  • Encourage your congregation to join CUCE
  • Encourage your congregation or service club to support CUCE as generously as possible
  • Make a personal contribution to CUCE directly or through your local church or service club
  • Ask friends and family to make donations i your honor in lieu of birthday, holiday or any special occasion gift
  • Donate gift cards for gas and/or food

CUCE no longer has a designated office but we supply a list of resources and referrals for your needs. Please browse through our listed resources located through our tabs for your needs.